3 Things You Should Know Before Buying Gold Coins

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Posted on 15-02-2023 10:25 AM

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Although most government mints strike gold coins at the 0. 999 (99. 9%) purity standard, many exceptions are found on the market. Check the purity of the gold in a coin before buying. This purity can range from 0. 916 (91. 67%) pure gold, also called 22-karat gold, to 0. 9999 (99. 99%) pure gold, also dubbed the four-niner purity.

Bullion vs. Collector Coins

Investors need to distinguish between bullion coins, whose values generally fluctuate according to the current price of gold, silver, or platinum, and " rare coins " that can carry a significant collector premium based on historical supply and current market demand. Some u. S. order Gold and silver coins may be readily available in circulated condition for a modest premium over their bullion content. Still, those same coins in superb condition may have a significantly higher value. The numismatic premium can exceed thousands of dollars above the coin's melt value. The market for accurately graded, high-quality rare coins has always been strong.

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